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What Can We Learn from Telemedicine? – Executive Roundtable

What Can We Learn from Telemedicine? – Executive Roundtable

What Can We Learn from Telemedicine? – Executive Roundtable

Mid-Year 2022, Executive Roundtable Journal featured an article by Michael M. Richardson, Tech-Azur’s founder and CEO, on ‘What Can We Learn from Telemedicine?’ discussing the new ways of user interaction that Financial Services should learn from Health & Wellness:   

Old methods of pulling patients forcingly out from their fairly busy life to make them engage with physicians certainly won’t do. The thing why digital health & wellness apps and online platforms are going big these days is that they finally place patients’ needs and success at the heart of the treatment process rather than doctors and tedious formalities associated with appointment procedures.’ – Michael Richardson.

Learning from BlueSleep’s Digital Transformation Experience

An NYC-based BlueSleep, a leader in treatment of snoring, sleep apnea, and other sleep disorders via telemedine, is a great example of a traditional company revolutionizing their practices by leveraging decentralized digital technologies at every step.

The company has been treating Wall Street executives with sleep apnea and sleep deprivation for over ten years. However, since 2018 they’ve decided to leverage telemedicine approaches empowered through up-to-date digital technologies.

As a result, patients can remotely schedule and join treatment sessions online at BlueSleep’s easy-to-use portal. All-digital interaction with BlueSleep’s office helps patients save the time they previously spent traveling and waiting for an appointment at a physical facility.

On top of that, at-home digital observation allows clinicians to monitor a patient’s sleep cycle in comfortable and habitual surroundings. Thanks to this, the diagnosis-to-treatment cycle runs seamlessly like clockwork:

  • Clients no longer need a stressful overnight visit to a sleep testing clinic, where they previously had to attempt normal sleep while hooked up to lots of wires.
  • It’s easier for both patients and physicians to run the overnight tests on weekends.
  • Doctors receive relevant and detailed data faster to finalize or update the treatment course.

The successful case of BlueSleep shows how adjacent industries like Financial Services can benefit from digital transformation. An innovative technology-powered and easy-to-use B2C interaction model improves customer satisfaction and helps businesses provide extra value.

Build Your Own Digital Success with Tech-Azur

Health & Wellness industry is not the only one where customers prefer more accessible interactions, faster services, and better results. Financial brands and platforms are also expected to modernize their interactions and integrations while staying compliant with the constantly changing regulatory requirements.  

Tech-Azur experts offer a proven digital transformation process to replace outdated and slow-pacing legacy systems. Talk to us about your toughest scalability, customer success, or compliance challenges, and let’s explore the potential of digital transformation for your organization.