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Digital Transformation Services

Strategy, Design, and Implementation.

Driving Business Value

Tech-Azur’s experience and skills help select firms in the highly regulated spaces of Healthcare and Financial Services to apply contemporary technology and operational innovations for growth. Here are some key aspects of our Digital Transformation Services:

Digital Organization

Streamline information management, enhance communication and collaboration, and automate routine tasks for scale and efficiencies. A Digital Organization is a learning organization.

Actionable Data Culture

Gain a competitive edge by effectively collecting, analyzing, and utilizing data to inform decision-making. Data-awareness can become second nature within your firm’s culture.

Information Security & Compliance

Implement strong security and compliance controls to protect your organization from financial and reputational risks. An effective information architecture is core to successful digital transformation.
Growing your company’s value via Digital Transformation demands knowledge, experience, and specific skills. Engaging Tech-Azur’s proven expertise will ensure that you will receive optimal  return on your transformational  investment.

Our Methodology

Tech-Azur offers a comprehensive approach that addresses all aspects of a customer's Digital Transformation journey, from strategy and planning to implementation and ongoing optimization.

It’s data-driven, agile, and tailored to our client's unique needs and goals. We collaborate deeply with our client's teams as we lead the execution of our proven methodology to empower the achievement of higher quality results and lower costs, and – most importantly – facilitate continuous improvement of operations and processes to maximize value.

What Our Clients Say

"Tech-Azur's strategic and technical acumen have contributed immensely to BlueSleep's telemedicine service for diagnosis and treatment of sleep apnea. The Tech Azur team have designed and managed both frontend and backend applications with great attention to quality, security and productivity, bringing BlueSleep customers a patient-centric experience like none other in healthcare."

Jordan C Stern, MD
Founder and CEO BlueSleep

“Over the past months, Michael has helped us literally transform our company. His leadership, business and technical acumen, hard work and dedication are second to none. Michael’s ability to distill complex business problems to their core, architect a solution, and communicate it simply (and in plain English) is an invaluable asset, and one I would never want to be without.”

Thomas J. Moysak
CEO XTIVA Financial Systems

"In my business experience, I have found that integrity, intelligence, and inspiration are among the most important aspects of any strategic relationship. Michael Richardson personifies these qualities and more. I've enjoyed the benefits of engaging Michael's skills and counsel in some of the most strategic and critical moments of my own career.”

Domenick Chieco
Co-Chairman at Milrose Consultant, and,Founding Chairman of the New York Coalition of Code Consultants (NYCCC)

“From an Agile Business Transformation perspective, Michael and his TA Team in Lviv, Ukraine, were able to closely integrate with our team in NYC as well as all our China factories, to revise and refine our methods and lead BWS into the era of digital collaboration with practical advice and technology. This included introducing 6-Sigma concepts, making our working together easier and better instrumented”

Beth Ward
Founder/CEO of Beth Ward Studios

“Michael is a true technology visionary, and dedicated/passionate team leader. During my time working with him at SST, he was not only an active mentor, but also consistently motivated me and others with his passionate “roll up your sleeves and get to work” modus operandi.”

Spencer Richardson
Co-Founder & CEO at DropCar

“As Founder & CEO of BWS, I engaged Michael/Tech-Azur after meeting and discussing some of our complex business challenges Pre-COVID. Michael was able to quickly help us start on the path of Agile Business and Continuous Improvement. He took the operational reins and deftly led our firm successfully through this difficult transformation to a fully remote operation, enabling the firm to survive where others were closing!”

Beth Ward
Founder/CEO of Beth Ward Studios

“He was invaluable to the success of the company and I would not have attempted to form and grow a start-up company without him. One of the most intelligent, creative, and incredibly hard working individuals I’ve ever had the pleasure to work with. Every client, vendor, staff member, and Board member views him with the highest respect for his integrity and insights.”

Ray Garcia
CTO, VP R&D at SMART System Technologies

"Michael Richardson's honesty, technical depth, and creativity in problem solving have served my organizational needs very well. Michael's tenacity and abiding work ethic became legendary with our Teams at Milrose. I highly recommend Michael, and his global Tech-Azur Team, to tackle the most challenging situations any business may face.”

Domenick Chieco
Co-Chairman at Milrose Consultant, and,Founding Chairman of the New York Coalition of Code Consultants (NYCCC)

“For a small software company like ours, technology is not just an enabler. It is a key competitive advantage. We have been extremely lucky to find Tech-Azur & Michael, who understands the strategic value that technology provides and counsel us as to how to leverage the assets we have in ways that we would never have thought of on our own.”

Thomas J. Moysak
CEO XTIVA Financial Systems

“Michael is truly a technology visionary. His title is CTO but he is really a well rounded CIO. He clearly understands how to hear the voice of the business, respond to it and provide them the technology roadmap needed to get to the front of the pack.”

Joe Talik
Senior Director at Sterling Talent Solutions

“Technologist, Visionary and exceptional Colleague. Under Michael’s direction we saw the maturity level of the technology group increase tremendously while incorporating a visionary platform worthy of the industry accolades received. I can only expect the same results as he affects his special brand”

Andrew T. Madejczyk
Executive Technology Advisory, CISM, CISA, CDPSE

“Working with Michael gave me the opportunity to learn from an established Technical Executive. Michael grasped both the business complexity our customers were facing, as well as the necessity to have a robust and maintainable technical solution. I continue to seek Michael’s advice and I cherished the opportunity to work for him.”

Igor Kruglyak
President at CoreValue

“Michael is easily the most effective visionary with whom I've had the pleasure to work with on recruitment efforts. His business sense is precise, his devotion to his ethics and his team is stellar, and his ability to deliver easily scores him as a leader in the Sterling quadrant. ”

Randy Kishun
Talent Acquisition - Senior Recruiter at Brown Brothers Harriman
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