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BlueSleep: Achieving Growth through Digital Transformation

BlueSleep is on the bold mission of ensuring quality sleep for everyone, and they partnered with Tech-Azur to make it a reality.
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Digital Organization, Actionable Data Culture, Custom Patient & Provider Platform


Delivering on this mission is the passion of the Founder, Dr. Jordan Stern, who has assembled a Team with deep expertise in all aspects of sleep disorder treatments. The effectiveness of BlueSleep’s diagnosis and treatment methodologies for snoring and Sleep Apnea created large growth potential. But then COVID came along.

In 2020, the firm was forced to find a way to quickly adopt a digital-first approach as a result of the Pandemic. However, the previously effective office-centric practice, like most medical services firms at the time, faced big challenges with its ability to scale, attract, acquire and serve new patients digitally, as well as how to overcome historical reliance on many complex manual operations and the resulting patient satisfaction issues. Dr. Stern quickly realized that an effective Digital Transformation was the best diagnosis for the practice. BlueSleep partnered with Tech-Azur to tackle these challenges effectively together. Tech-Azur's experienced team developed a comprehensive digital transformation strategy that addressed all aspects of the practice's digital journey, from vision, strategy, and planning to implementation and continuous improvement.

Challenges Discovered

Upon conducting a current state assessment, many obstacles to growth and successful digital operations were identified: BlueSleep's website was developed in a prior era, of ‘brochure-ware’ sites, where scheduling was done primarily by phone or in-person, with historical reliance on office visits for diagnosis and treatment, as well as spreadsheet and email-centric back-office operations, all geared to traditional physical clinical practice management methods that would all need to be radically revised and digitalized from the ground up.

Synthesizing the Vision for a Digital-first Future State

Tech-Azur's team worked closely with all members of BlueSleep’s Team to define a clear and measurable digital future state vision, which included the complete re-engineering of the website to become a center for actionable information and easy scheduling. The design for this new responsive website included features crafted to ensure improved conversion, and the implementation of SEO best practices throughout, to increase online visibility. This new digital marketing strategy also put in place specifics to drive organic patient acquisition and engagement.

Additionally, BlueSleep’s Marketing Team recognized that the firm could strongly differentiate itself and its market positioning by intentionally becoming the easiest and most rapidly available online resource for effective Snoring and Sleep Apnea diagnosis & treatment. The logical convenience appeal of being able to set a telemedicine appointment at the Patient’s convenience has always been a traditional weak link in this field, and an open growth vector for BlueSleep.

In addition, beyond the ‘digital front door’ of the website, BlueSleep’s Providers and Operations Support Team made clear their need for a completely new, and fully digital, care processing platform with sleep-practice specific capabilities that simply don't exist in available EHR Platforms. Thus, a core requirement of this very deep Digital Transformation was the need to define and develop a Patient & Provider Portal Platform tuned to the unique needs of BlueSleep’s optimized Sleep Disorder Treatment methodologies.

Tech-Azur was up to the task and created an entire BlueSleep Digital Technology Roadmap, which would be followed in order to simultaneously develop not just an industry-leading website, full of intuitively easy Patient calls to action, and, in similar fashion, an entire Provider Operations Platform through which a rapidly growing base of BlueSleep Providers could collaborate, while being able to offer patients the most readily available and cost-effective Snoring and Sleep Apnea treatment options in the industry.

Effective Digital Transformation Implementation

Having a bold vision always reads well on paper, but being able to translate that into the requisite series of carefully planned and executed Digital Transformation Events is what separates the hopefuls from the winners!

For BlueSleep, the success of this vital implementation process was mission critical from the start, and the pandemic dictated a relentless delivery cadence for Tech-Azur's team. The partnership built-up together during discovery and solution synthesis proved strong during this eventful process. Tech-Azur continues to deliver technical support and new feature training for the BlueSleep team on an ongoing basis to ensure the success of the digital marketing strategy for this new website, along with Provider and Operations support as needed.


The digital transformation initiatives implemented by Tech-Azur resulted in a 300% increase in organic website traffic and patient acquisition within the first twelve months (while many other practices were closing their doors). BlueSleep has thus been offering personalized diagnosis and treatment of sleep apnea, snoring and other sleep disorders, as the clear industry leader, based on their own medical research and their scalable, secure and compliant BlueSleep Digital Treatment Platform for +2 years and counting!

Continuous Improvement

Tech-Azur's team also worked with BlueSleep Teammates to establish a sustainable culture of continuous improvement throughout the BlueSleep organization. For example, an easy user-feedback loop was implemented across the website and the BlueSleep Digital Treatment Platform with mechanisms established to identify, design, test and implement functional changes as needed, a crucial element of BlueSleep’s ongoing growth success. Now, all members of BlueSleep’s Team are able to serve patients digitally, rapidly, access tech support when and how needed, and freely share ideas for continuous improvements at every level of the operation. Patient satisfaction continues to grow with the volume of the business, and a robust roadmap of further digital innovations remain daily areas of focus for BlueSleep, with Tech-Azur digitally enabling and instrumenting every aspect of their data-driven Continuous Improvement.


BlueSleep's partnership with Tech-Azur has resulted in a comprehensive digital transformation that successfully addressed all aspects of the practice's digital journey from office-entric to digital-first industry thought leadership. Stay tuned for more news of BlueSleep’s successes and continued strategic expansion across the breadth of the vast sleep disorders treatment landscape.

+20 Years

BlueSleep’s proven experience in studying & treating Sleep Disorders

22 Million

The number of Americans estimated to have Sleep Apnea


Growth in BlueSleep Patient Treatments in the first 12 months of the BlueSleep Digital Transformation


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