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What Capabilities Will a Consulting COO Bring to Your Organization?

What Capabilities Will a Consulting COO Bring to Your Organization?

What Capabilities Will a Consulting COO Bring to Your Organization?

Why is a Consulting COO needed? And what are the most frequent reasons that they are engaged? 

In our experience, a Consulting COO will help you:

  • Assess the current needs of your organization
  • Accelerate the building of streamlined processes 
  • Build effective operations teams that deliver your products and services faster and more profitably 
  • Define, deploy & lead the continuous improvement process
  • Establish effective day-to-day operations laser-focused on the delivery of your products and services in the most effective and efficient ways.

Implement the company strategy and build effective day-to-day operations

A Consulting COO brings the foresight and comprehensive operational experience required to instantly become a C-Suite resource for collaborative executive management development of agile strategies for business success.

Additionally, this COO delivers the operational, technical, and process execution leadership essential to the rapid establishment of effective daily operations across your firm. Translating strategy to practical operations should be their strong suit!

Lead and instill a Continuous Improvement mindset

Beyond simply the 'mechanics' of effective operations management, a Consulting COO will mentor your staff on the enthusiastic adoption and adaptation of the value-building principles of Continuous Improvement. Breaking down any barriers between 'stovepiped departments' or outdated territorial mentalities, this COO will introduce and exemplify behaviors in organizational empathy, EQ, inclusive leadership, and the understanding that 'the problems are with processes, not between individuals', yielding a happier, more engaged team.

Establish Customer Success orientation

Leading by example, a Consulting COO will exude and instill a clear culture of Customer Success in every aspect of operational development and behavior. Starting with a simple question: "How does this decision/activity/technology/hire/investment/change contribute to our Customer's success?" 

And then leading the process participants through structured methods to identify and implement practical answers (with proven Agile Development and Lean 6 Sigma tools, among others).

Build your Operations Team long-term success

As a true 'Hands-On Operations Leader,' a Consulting COO should be capable of defining, planning, and budgeting for recruiting & onboarding, and your custom-built Operations Team. Most often, this activity begins with a current state operational assessment to identify the strengths and development opportunities, which already exist, then collaborate with your staff at every level to develop and implement the right-sized operational plan to assure your success for the long term.

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