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The Movement to Digitization and How Offshore Dynamics Fit In – Executive Roundtable

The Movement to Digitization and How Offshore Dynamics Fit In – Executive Roundtable

The Movement to Digitization and How Offshore Dynamics Fit In – Executive Roundtable

Following the Executive Roundtable’s discussion on Strategy Development and C-Level Decision-Making in Post-Pandemic Reality on March 8, 2022, Tech-Azur’s Michael Richardson shared his perspective on the development process behind digital transformation.

As a current CEO and founder of Tech-Azur, Michael Richardson has been developing architectural solutions for software since the 1980s and has been through tons of business centers worldwide.

“I’ve been looking for the next great place with the right kind of talent for architecting and designing,” he said. ‘So in the last twelve years or so, I’ve focused on sourcing talented people for our technology developments in Ukraine. There’s a science-and-math-and-philosophy kind of cultural background in that country. By visiting Lviv, I’ve found a great community to work with.”

Keystones of Tech-Azur’s Work

Tech-Azur involved Ukrainian technologists in creating excellent tech stack solutions that later transferred to various business spaces, primarily to the FinTech domain. When Tech-Azur builds a comprehensive vision of business transformation goals and creates an actionable scaling strategy to move to all-digital operations, the process always includes the following:

  • Understanding the client company’s current background and business opportunities that digital transformation can bring them.
  • Prioritizing these opportunities based on their business impact and the time & effort required to bring them to life. Setting up specific goals for digital transformation.
  • Bringing along the software architectural types to create solutions in a very agile way.

Lean and Minimalistic Business Logic Concepts 

Tech-Azur practices a relatively lean and minimalistic approach:

“We do everything in an iterative and super lean way. Sure, it’s sorta unusual in a market space where people are used to super mature tools with extensive detailed interfaces, whereas we’re stripping that away. But it makes our concepts more focused on crucial business logic.”

The development team always brings out an MVP and utilizes different types of business analysis to guide the entire development phase.

“Now we’re very much focused on domain-driven development. It would bring business analysts into processes that development and test teams run. In that sense, our approach is something I’m really proud of – we’re pleased to address challenging opportunities out there.

…In such a way, we can help stakeholders who want to do something significant but don’t know what specific viable approach they should invest in.”

Support Tech-Azur’s Efforts to Build Resilience and Support People in Ukraine

We’ve been trying to mobilize every way we can to reach out and help in practical ways.” – Michael Richardson.

Tech-Azur’s Ukrainian department employees were provided with a safe house in Poland. Most teammates’ family members, children, and parents moved there. Tech-Azur strongly appreciates the involvement of numerous NGOs in Poland in making that happen.

Join us in solidarity with the people of Ukraine, learn more about our Methodology and processes, and contact us to explore the potential of digital transformation for your organization.