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June 24, 2021

Powering SaaS Scale-ups as a Fractional CTO / COO

What got your SaaS Funded is not what will get your SaaS Scaled!

While revenue growth is being achieved, the criticality of operationalizing the SaaS business for scale is often a blind spot for ambitious SaaS CEOs. It’s understandable because different skill sets are required, and growth generally comes well before scale to fully validate the business model & market. The Good News for SaaS stakeholders is that you don't have to learn everything about achievement of scale the hard way.

Qualified virtual c-suite executives can help you deliver business results that back-up the investor pitches you had to make to arrive here. With experienced virtual c-suite resources on-tap, your SaaS core team can remain focused on the immediate – with the impact of their efforts being amplified through the application of seasoned operational scaling experience in parallel.

In this podcast, hosted by Ken Lempit in his SaaS Backwards series, Michael M. Richardson drills-down deeply into what it takes to build a scalable SaaS business.