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Interim Executives and
Tech Advisors

with Built-in Solution Delivery Capabilities

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Your business deserves the most experienced and effective resources available. Access to such resources on a direct-employee, full-time basis can be prohibitively expensive and time-consuming to secure. We understand the issues, and we’ve found the ideal solution: Engaging an Interim Executive.

Interim Executives provides both the senior level of resource you need, while doing so in a format you can easily afford.
Years of Customer Successes Stories.

Why choose Tech-Azur?

You know your industry – but you need to leverage expert knowledge to get over the upcoming hurdles.Tech-Azur helps transform organizations into productive, lean and agile businesses, structured for enterprise-level growth.

We work closely with your executive team, getting to know the culture and values of your organization, from top to bottom. We then identify the best mix of process, operational, and technological improvements that will your company to prosper.

Who do we help?

At Tech-Azur, we have experience helping organizations that have ambition but are suffering various speed-limits to growth. The list of the most common patterns that challenge your organization’s capacity to grow profitably and build value is quite straightforward:

Obstacles to Customer Success

Opaque Selling, Value-Delivery & Billing Processes, No feedback loop

Business Methods & Tools That Can’t Scale

Outmoded Legacy Systems, Lack of Integrations, Servers in the closet

Reliance on Manual Steps, with Countless Exceptions

Emails, “Tracker” Spreadsheets, Hardcopies, "That's how we've always done it!" mentality

Lack of Seamless Team Collaboration Capabilities

Meetings, Sign-offs, Loads of Documents, Lack of Ownership

Opaque Process Orchestration

Inconsistent or Nonexistent Shared-Process Visibility, No Status Transparency and KPIs