“Business Breakthrough of the Year”

“Business Breakthrough of the Year”


This leader in code and zoning compliance in the Northeast provides consulting services to major architecture, construction and trades firms along the Eastern seaboard.

The firm helps clients complete their construction or alteration projects more efficiently and cost effectively, while complying with the many rules and regulations that govern code, zoning and safety inspections.


An intricate business model, combined with byzantine industry regulations and 26 years of continuous growth, created a perfect storm of complex lifecycles and processes. Scaling the business without hindering service delivery or profitability required a business transformation that shifted both technological and fulfillment structures.

Over time, company operations became scattered across multiple platforms, which created inefficiency and confusion for both employees and customers. The ideal transformation would unify all business functions on a single platform, allowing users to see all aspects of a project without accessing multiple applications or files.

In addition, the founders wanted to step away from daily operations, but hadn’t formed an organizational structure for a worry-free hand-off. At the same time, they wanted to plan for growth, while leading the market in service delivery and operational excellence.


Upon identifying the issues, Tech-Azur began implementing a transformation that included establishing a board of partners, which enabled the founders to remove themselves from daily business operations. The firm recruited a new C-suite and formed a new mini-enterprise structure to support future growth, M&A and strategic investment activities.

Developers integrated all business functions—including CRM, ERP and accounting—onto a single platform. This key step eliminated silos within the organization to make the information transparent to everyone, all the time, in real time.

Migration to a cloud infrastructure improved both the security and the accessibility of the company’s processes. The ability to access real-time information in the field, for instance, reduced completion time and improved communication with vendors, clients and regulatory agencies.

Increased efficiency and productivity allowed the organization to offer more services, while delivering industry-leading customer service and operational excellence.

The organization-wide transformation attracted the attention of Salesforce.com leaders, who invited Tech-Azur’s Michael Richardson to discuss the project at Dreamforce, Salesforce’s annual conference. Even more impressive, the firm received the Financial Force “Business Breakthrough of the Year” Award at Dreamforce, just months after launching its new platform.