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February 17, 2021

Tech-Azur featured in InformationWeek

Tech-Azur featured in InformationWeek's article "Are Autonomous Businesses Next?"

Transparency is the most oft-discussed topic when it comes to ethical AI and another critical issue accountability: Who should be held responsible if an anonymous system goes awry? The people who designed it, the people who used it, the people who authorized its use, or some combination of those individuals? The question is simple. The answer is not so simple because the answer may be fact-specific, determined as a matter of law or both.

And what happens when organizations interconnect different autonomous systems? Their behavior will need to be orchestrated.

"[I]t seems far more likely that the interactions will be more contractual in nature wherein the organizations seeking to integrate their respective autonomous systems will first establish the rules of engagement for such integrations," said Michael Richardson, founder and managing director of business transformation consultancy Tech-Azur.

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