Complex Development Process Simplified to Reduce Delivery and Quality Issues

March 3rd, 2015 ||




An established SaaS provider for the financial industry serves over 50,000 brokers and processes millions of high-value transactions each month.

Because of the detailed product specifications of their complex offering, capturing all the market requirements became extremely time-intensive and put the company in a holding pattern for years, trying to bring new products to market.

Not only did these lengthy delays create significant attrition, which decreased vital monthly recurring revenue, but its technical architecture also aged in the process, building an insurmountable level of “technical debt.”




The product team faced serious product quality, stability and delivery issues, customers did not receive the service they expected, and interdepartmental rifts escalated.

More than 50,000 daily users processing high volumes of transactions made any operational transition highly sensitive. The proposed solution could not interrupt daily business.

A company-wide transformation was required to break the gridlock. Additionally the company needed to plan for future scalability that would not impact profitability, flexibility, or service quality.




The executive leadership called Tech-Azur to identify organizational, operational and technical fractures and to streamline their development processes.

Working closely with the founding stakeholders, Tech-Azur implemented a simplified, efficient approach to operations, development, and compilation of business requirements. These methods, combined with a complete end-to-end upgrade of their in-house systems, resulted in streamlined product delivery and a significant reduction in time-to-market. The transformation took place without affecting daily operations or customer service.

Using the new agile processes, the development team improved the predictability of its process, reduced the time-to-market, and enhanced the quality of a new SaaS reporting and analytics suite.

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