Environmental Tech Company Cuts Development Costs By 50% In Four Months

March 3rd, 2015 ||



A national recycling rewards company wanted to change how businesses, consumers, and entire communities manage recycling, creating a more sustainable future through eco-friendly lifestyles.

The organization’s founders recognized the urgent need for their programs across the U.S., so they developed aggressive roadmaps to realize their vision and transform the communities they serve. In 10 short years, the founders surpassed even their expedited growth plans with more than 4 million members, in over 300 communities, and continue to expand across America.




Performance and stability issues with the company’s legacy systems made it impossible to keep up with current business demands. Disorganized development processes created costly delays – both in time and money, and the organizational structure had not evolved with the business. The organization could not sustain its fast-paced growth, an ironic problem for a company built on sustainability.

Inefficiencies created financial drains, and customer acquisition was suffering. At an operational crossroads, the company’s leadership reached out to Tech-Azur to pinpoint operational and technical pitfalls across the organization.




Instead of ascribing the problems to outdated technology, Tech-Azur took an objective, holistic view of the business to identify misalignments across the organization. Over a period of 12 months, together with key stakeholders and staff, Tech-Azur was able to implement solutions to meet the needs of this rapidly growing business.

Organizational and operational shifts included:

  • Establishing a project management office (PMO) to oversee a stronger development process
  • Implementing effective QA testing and product management teams
  • A completely new IT infrastructure that allowed a heavier focus on security compliance, operational availability, and expansion

These changes led to:

  • Reduction in software development costs by 50% within the first four months
  • Significantly reducing time-to-market of third-party development integrations
  • Improving productivity by 400% within the first 12 months
  • Launching an entirely new website and online catalog within 90 days, which improved customer experience and engagement (reflected by increased page views and time spent on the site)
  • Raising an additional round of funding worth $20 million within 90 days and garnering four times that amount over 12 months from investments by major investors
  • Growing the customer base by 300% over the first 12 months

Tech-Azur worked with the staff and leadership to create more streamlined business processes and to implement the technical solutions to fit those processes. Combined, these initiatives forged stronger working relationships between teams and improved the customer experience.

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